DNSPerch Documentation

Quick Start

To get started, all you need is a few DNS entries:

example.com           IN   A

www.example.com       IN   A

dnsperch.example.com  IN   TXT   "user:john;price:2500"



The username you picked when you signed up for DNSPerch.

Default: ask

One of:

Default: USD

The three-letter ISO 4217 currency code specifying which currency the price is in. For example, price:270000;currency:JPY will result in “¥270,000”.

Default: en

Language(s) to use for the landing page, or all to enable all available languages. If more than one language is given (separated by commas), the one that best matches the user's browser settings will be used; if none match then the first language in the list will be used.

Languages other than English are community translations provided by DNSPerch users. Contact us with corrections or for information on submitting translations for new languages.

Currently supported languages:

Default: yes

Whether or not an SSL certificate should be obtained from Let’s Encrypt for the domain. If this is turned off, the domain will still be available via HTTPS, but a self-signed certificate will be used instead, causing the browser to display an error message. This does not enable settings such as HSTS, HPKP, or HTTP redirects, so it is safe to leave this enabled unless you have specific concerns about certificate issuance for your domain.

Default: yes
Advanced Plan

Display “Powered by DNSPerch" at the bottom of the landing page.

Advanced Plan

The property ID of the Google Analytics property to associate with this domain. If you don't know it, you can find the property ID with the GA Account Explorer. Using this setting will add the analytics.js tracking snippet to your landing page.

Advanced Plan

Advanced Plan

piwik_url is the base URL for your Piwik installation, such as http://analytics.example.com or https://www.example.com/piwik/. The beginning of the URL controls whether to use HTTP or HTTPS for your Piwik installation:

piwik_idsite is the site ID of the website you want to track visits for. To find the idSite for your website, see the Piwik FAQ entry How do I find the website ID?

Using these settings will add the Piwik tracking code to your landing page.

Questions? Comments? Want to chat?

Send an email to dnsperch@bitmash.io. We're here to help!